As a car owner, one needs to take care of many aspects of a car to ensure it runs for a long time without any problem. One of the most crucial aspects is the tyres. Tyres are extremely important as they are the only mode of contact between you and the road. So, choosing a good tyre ensures you can reach your place safely.

The best car tyres in Belfast from reputable dealers can improve fuel efficiency. On the other hand, a cheap quality tyre can make your car skid and give you an awful riding experience. High-quality tyres absorb shocks better as it acts as a spring and boosts your level of comfort. Below are a few key factors to take into account while choosing the best car tyre.

What you Must be Aware of While Selecting Car Tyres?

Tube or tubeless

Selecting between two of these is crucial for you as it determines whether you can often fix a flat tyre. It’s best to go with a tubeless option as they are much safer than the ones with tubes. To install tubeless tyres, there is no need for your car to have alloy wheels. Visit a nearby tyre shop to check the best brands in all their diversity.

Fuel efficiency grade 

Most people don’t know that tyres can affect their car’s fuel efficiency. Studies show that one can boost fuel efficiency by 15 to 20% with the right set of tyres. Increase your car’s fuel efficiency by using low rolling resistance tyres. Pick the right tyres by checking the specifications for fuel efficiency grade.


It’s crucial to get tyre warranties. There are two types of tyre warranty that manufacturers offer. Some offer warranty for defect protection, while others offer a tread warranty. You can also find manufacturers who offer both.

Wheel size 

The tyre size plays a key role in your car’s performance, and you must pay special attention to it. You can read the size of the tyre on its side, mentioned in the form of a code. Consider your car’s rim size, sidewall height, and tread width to choose the perfect tyre.

To sum up, these are the factors to keep in mind while selecting the best car tyres. Get in touch with MotorStore to buy the right tyres for your car and avoid any safety or fitting issues. Rely on our trusted suppliers for the best car tyres in Belfast.