Fuel and engine management

Several electronically controlled systems working in harmony. Motorstore Glengormley have everything you need to keep your vehicle’s engine control systems in sync.

Under new management

The modern engine management system and fuel system are a collection of components, constantly communicating with the vehicle’s ECU, reporting temperatures, pressures and component voltage (among other things). The ECU interprets these signals and adjust its requirements to keep the engine within pre-programmed parameters. One errant signal or component failure and performance or economy will be affected. In severe case the ECU will place itself in a safe or ‘Limp home’ mode to protect the engine and prevent damage. Motorstore Glengormley have a huge range of fuel and engine management components from mainly OE suppliers, with a small range of options for more price sensitive occasions. If we don’t have the fuel or engine management parts you require available from stock, we will endeavour to source them same day from our network of trusted local suppliers. Contact the team in Newtownabbey today for prices and information.

Our range of fuel and engine management parts includes:

  • Fuel Pumps
  • Fuel Level Senders
  • Fuel Pressure Sensors
  • Fuel Injectors and Other Fuel Injection Parts
  • Ignition Coils
  • Camshaft Sensors
  • Crankshaft Sensors
  • Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensors
  • MAP Sensors
  • DPF Pressure Sensors
  • Heated Oxygen (Lambda) sensors
  • To find out more about our fuel injection parts, CONTACT US TODAY!