Most of us get the tyre jobs done with a routine check-up, timely tyre rotation, and regular tyre balancing. Moreover, many customers are still unaware of what tire rotation is and why it’s crucial. If you stay in Belfast, this blog will discuss the car tyres in Belfast, their rotation and their necessities.

Definition of Tyre Rotation 

As the tyres bear the entire weight and pressure of the car, periodic rotation is necessary. Tyre rotation is the systemic switching of the tyres, which will manage the wear and tear equally. It ensures the steady tyre performance with the safety of the car. While compared to a car which is not regularly serviced, a periodically done car does show equal wear and tear. 

Necessity of tyre rotation

Any car’s front tyres are designed to carry greater weight than the rear tyres. It is because of where the engines and the other parts are located. So, over time, the road and the driving skill or habit of the driver will eventually wear down all four tyres. 

As time passes, the tyres start to lose the treads unevenly, so the rotation of the tyres is done. Rotation of the tyres is done after the usage of the specific machines by the technicians. 

The various tyre rotations were done after witnessing the car weight and tyre.

  • X-pattern rotation
  • Rearward-cross pattern rotation
  • Forward-cross pattern rotation
  •  Side-to-side pattern rotation
  • Rear-front pattern rotation

The Requirement to Rotate the Tyres

Recommended tyre rotation by the car manufacturers is between 10,000 km-15000 km frequency. 10,000km is the mark to balance the tear and wear. Although there are some other reasons for regular rotation:

  • The car is driven regularly with load or long distance with uneven road patterns. Then, it would be best if you did the tyre rotation. 
  • While driving at high speeds, the tyre rotations become important. By rotating, there is the abolishment of the wear and tear.
  • The tyres need rotation when there is a steering wobble. It causes the tyre wear and tear.  

Things to Keep in Mind at the Time of Tyre Rotation

  • Taking the car to a new or untrained mechanic will result in the wrong rotation. There are chances of frequent driving dynamics. So, always take the car to the certified professionals. They will ensure the tyres are aligned, checked, and balanced.
  • The tyre rotations are always made in the directional tyre tread pattern.

It is the time to get your car tyres rotated. Come to MotorStore NI for the tyre check-up. We take care of the tyres and as well as we check the alignment of tyres. Please book an appointment with us now.