Car tyres are more than pieces of rubber. Along with brakes and engines, tyres play an important role in upgrading the performance and safety of the car on the road. Ensuring correct tyre pressure helps distribute the vehicle’s weight evenly across different treads. 

If your tyres do not have sufficient pressure, you shouldn’t get out on the road with the car. Over or underinflated tyres make the driver lose stability, suddenly cornering and stopping the car. 

Are your car tyres underinflated? Contact a professional garage in Belfast for car tyres. To know the importance of car tyres, read on. 

What is the Importance of Proper Pressure in Car Tyres?

Maintains Safety on the Road

When the tyre has low pressure, the tyre’s surface area touches the road, and friction occurs. Continuous friction can cause tyre blowout, wear and tear, and even leaks. 

Underinflated tyres cause more than 50% of road accidents. Check the tyre pressure regularly. This will help you avoid unnecessary accidents. 

Improves Lifespan of Tyres

Over-inflated or under-inflated tyres are the major causes of premature wear and tear of the tyres. Tyres are meant to bounce on the roads. However, with insufficient or extra pressure, the bounce rate is decreased.

Ensure you get the tyres checked often to maintain the right amount of pressure. With this strategy, your tyres will last for years without any problem. 

Improves the Fuel Efficiency of Car

Is your car consuming a lot of fuel? This will significantly increase your costs. The major reason behind this is the worse condition of the car tyre. The car drags itself on the road when the tyre pressure is low. Hence, the fuel consumption increases readily. 


How Often Should You Get Your Tyre Pressure Checked?


Are you taking your car to rugged terrains often? Are you planning to go on a long trip? If yes, then get your tyre pressure checked before the same. Moreover, if the car has been through a rough journey with too much load, it is better to check the pressure once it is over. 

Apart from that, it is a basic requirement for all car owners to get the tyre pressure checked once a month. This will help you become aware of the pressure in the tyre, and you can act accordingly. 

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