Engine parts

From timing belts and chains to camshafts and engine bearings, Motorstore Glengormley have all the engine parts you’ll ever need. Contact our team to find out more.

Engine Parts

In an engine with high mileage, some wear of internal components is normal. In addition, poor or irregular servicing, using incorrect engine oils and cheap or illegal fuel are just a few of the short-term savings that can lead to bigger engine problems later. At Motorstore Glengormley we have been supplying quality engine parts for over 35 years. We have an impressive range of engine parts from trusted manufacturers including timing belts, timing chains, pulleys, tensioners, gaskets, oil seals, head bolts, engine bearings and piston rings. If we don’t have the engine parts you require available from stock, we will endeavour to source them same day from our network of trusted local suppliers. Contact the team in Newtownabbey today for prices and information.

We stock a wide range of engine parts including:

  • Timing Belts and Kits
  • Timing Chains and Kits
  • Tensioners
  • Sump Pans & Plugs
  • Gaskets and Seals
  • Bearings
  • Piston Rings
  • If you need car parts, accessories, in car audio or wheels and tyres in Newtownabbey, Belfast or the surrounding areas, contact us today!