Tyres are the legs of the car. Tyres tend to get damaged with time. Hence if you periodically reposition the tyres from front to back or side to side, there’s a chance of increasing the durability. Vehicle manufacturers generally suggest vehicle owners rotate the tyres after every 5000 miles of the car’s mileage. For more advice on car tyres in Belfast, contact professional mechanics. 

What is the Process of a Tyre Rotation?

Tyre rotation is a smart way to deal with tyres. You can periodically change the position of the tyres to keep them going. Regularly rotating the tyres’ position also allows the car owner to check for any visual damage that might have occurred in the tyre. While rotating the tyre, you can inspect the body, check the air pressure and vibration rate and also check the balance of the tyre. If there are any discrepancies, contact the mechanic immediately for your tyre servicing needs. 

Why is Tyre Rotation Important?

It is an important element of the standard tyre care process. When you rotate your tyres routinely, you can let the wear and tear spread throughout the tyre without affecting a single part of the same. This way, you can also improve the tread life of the tyre. For instance, the front tyre generally takes up a large portion of the pressure of the car. Hence if you rotate it to the back end, the wear and tear can be limited. 

Again new tyre tread is more vulnerable to wear and tear; hence when any of your tyres are new, make sure that you keep on rotating the same to ensure that the tread is not damaged. Moreover, when repositioned, the tread on the tyres helps improve uniformity and brake performance and makes the vehicle safer on the roads. 

Types of Tyre Rotation Processes

  • Side-to-side rotation

You can rotate the side of the tyres to side with their same-sized partners. Ensure that the tyres remain on the same axle so that the car’s balance is maintained well. For instance, you can reposition the two rear tyres on opposite sides with one and also do the same with the two front tyres of the car. 

  • Back to the front rotation

In this process, all the tyres are moved from one axle to the other but the same remains on the same side of the vehicle. You can easily move the front left tyre to the back left side and vice versa; since it takes up the maximum pressure, it might wear out faster. Hence, repositioning is a great option.

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