Do you remember the last time you changed your tyres? Tyres are important to ensure your road safety but are often neglected. You can lose control of your car if your car’s tyres are overly worn. You will increase the possibilities of aquaplaning as you will have less grip on the road. Here are the important signs that tell you need new tyres. 

When Should You Replace Your Car’s Tyres?

  • Tread Depth

Your car’s tyres must meet legal requirements to be able to become roadworthy. Continuing to drive with overly worn tyres and disregarding the regulation could result in hefty fines or points on your licence. Please note that the tread depth would be nearly 8mm if you were to purchase a new car. However, it will wear down over time. The legal limit for tread depth on each tyre must be at least 1.6mm. Hence, we suggest booking at your local tyre garage as your tyres are lower than 3mm. 

  • Cracks on the Tyre’s Sidewall

Check for any visible cracks while checking your tyres. If you notice cracks on the tyre’s sidewall are early signs of a possible blowout which is extremely hazardous when driving at speed. Deterioration in the chemicals and oils in the rubber using which tyres are made up can cause cracks. Bring your car to MotorStore if you see dangerous cracks on the sidewall of your tyres.

  • Tyres Lifespan

Tyres generally have a lifespan of five years if bought new. The rubber compound starts to come apart after this period which increases the possibility of occurring cracks and blisters on your tyres and can even cause blowouts. Many people continue using them if they seem usable, but you must ensure your safety by getting a new set of tyres. 

You can also understand whether you should replace your tyres by checking their mileage. Tyres last for nearly 25,000 miles on average, but this highly depends upon the car you drive and your driving style as well.

  • Weird Noises

Hearing peculiar noises coming from your car can be scary. You need to take your car for inspection for such strange noises. A whining, squeaking or creaking sound indicates a problem with the tyres. Such noises are a prior indication of a punctured tyre or crack. The noise comes out because of the change in air compression. Don’t ignore such noises, as this can cause a tyre blowout. 

  • Vibrating Car

If you feel excessive vibration when driving. It can be a sign of a problem with your balancing or alignment. Tyre vibration isn’t only annoying but can also cause an accident. So, pay attention to it and act accordingly.

  • Blisters and Bulges on Your Tyre

Over time, the tyres will weaken which can cause the emergence of blisters or bulges from the remaining surface. We suggest replacing tyres in such a scenario to prevent a sudden blowout.

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