If you want to keep your car in optimum condition, you should keep an eye on its tyres. These are the most important items that enable you to drive the vehicle smoothly. A visit to a well known car tyres service in Belfast can be highly beneficial for you.

Look Out for the External Elements:

The external elements can affect your car tyres negatively, hindering their overall performance and condition. You may have to spend a fortune to replace them. To avoid these expenditures, you should take good care of the tyres.

3 Common Car Tyre Care Myths to Avoid:

When you take care of your tyres, ensure to get inputs from a professional car tyres service in Belfast. This will help you to follow the proper instructions and avoid popular myths. A few common misconceptions around car tyre care are discussed in detail below.

  1. New Tyres are Damage Proof: It is one of the common misconceptions about car tyres that many car owners believe. They tend to reduce car usage to keep the tyres new. However, in reality, the tyre gets damaged due to its tread depth. You must keep a tab on the wear and tear conceded by the tyres before replacing or rotating them. The damage to the tyre does not necessarily depend on its age or use.
  1. Tyre Sidewall Provides Enough Air Pressure: The tyres’ air pressure is an important factor you should check before going on a drive. The air pressure mentioned on the tyre’s sidewall is actually its maximum pressure. It is determined by the manufacturer to mark the air pressure at which the tyre can work properly.
  1. Kicking Tyres Helps us Know about its Condition: This is an age-old practice that many tend to believe in. They think it is a useful way to know about the tyres’ air pressure. However, you can only know information about the air pressure via an air pressure gauge. It will tell if your tyre is in good condition or needs to be inflated for better performance.

As a car owner, you should abstain from these myths. These do not have enough scientific backing and may affect your vehicle’s performance. To get professional assistance in knowing the condition of your car tyres, contact a reliable source like Motorstore. We are one of the leading car tyres services in Belfast. Here, you can get genuine car parts and accessories to improve your car’s performance. For more information, you can visit our website.