When it comes to car tyres, most drivers don’t know enough about them to make the best decision for their vehicle. As a car owner, knowing the right tyre to buy for your car is important. Tyres are an essential part of your car and play a significant role in its performance. 

You need to ensure that you buy the correct type of tyre for your car and that you don’t make any mistakes.

Common Car Tyres Mistakes You Must Avoid

Here are five mistakes commonly made by car owners while buying tyres for their vehicles:

1. Not Considering the Driving Conditions

One of the most important things to consider when choosing car tyres is the driving conditions you’ll be using them in. Different tyres are better suited for different environments. For example, if you drive in a lot of snow, you’ll need tyres with good traction. If you go in a hot climate, you’ll need tyres that can withstand high temperatures.

2. Not Shopping Around

Many drivers go to the first tyre shop and buy the cheapest tyres. However, this isn’t always the best idea. You should shop around and compare prices at several stores before purchasing. You may find that a more expensive tyre is cheaper in the long run because it lasts longer.

3. Buying Based on Size Alone

It’s important to remember that not all tyres of the same size are created equal. Some tyres may be better suited for specific driving conditions than others. When choosing tyres, consider factors like tread pattern, construction, and size.

4. Not Getting a Proper Fitment

If your tyres don’t fit your car correctly, it can lead to dangerous driving conditions. To ensure proper fitment, you should always have your new tyres installed by a professional. Improper fitment can cause steering problems and instability while driving.

5. Not Checking the Tread Depth

One of the most critical factors in tyre safety is tread depth. Tyres with little or no tread depth are more likely to skid or hydroplane on wet surfaces. You should always check the tread depth of your tyres and replace them when they reach 3/32 inches or less.

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