Tyres are essential to help your car operate in the right way. However, selecting the right tyre for your vehicle can make a big difference. Various tyres are used in different weather conditions and for other cars. For instance, you cannot use tyres suitable for a cold climate for driving in hot places.

Here is a list of four major types of car tyres in Belfast that you can purchase –

  • High-Speed Tyres: High-Speed Tyres are also called High-Performance Tyres. As the name suggests, these tyres are used for high-speed driving. They show strong resistance to aquaplaning and possess very high stability. Also, they are similar to sports tyres.
  • Mud Tyres: Off-Road Tyres or Mud Tyres will be the right choice if off-roading is necessary. These tyres are built so that their large tread blocks support driving on a muddy surface. But avoid driving on smooth surfaces. Otherwise, they will wear out fast.
  • Touring Tyres: These tyres are ideal for a quiet and comfy drive and ensure a balanced ride quality. While a wider tread characterises all, some have a noise reduction capability. They also possess excellent water channelling features, thus making them highly suitable for driving on wet and dry roads.
  • Stock Tyres: These are also known as Original Equipment (OE) tyres. Offered by vehicle manufacturers, they are designed and developed in the best possible way to suit your car’s requirements. A big bonus is that you can change them if they don’t fulfil your needs. However, it is wise to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of these tyres – their price, output and overall vital advantages.

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