Car tyres are of different shapes and sizes. Depending on the requirements and model of the car, you must choose the tyre that suits the most. For the best-quality car tyres in Belfast, approach professional garages. Besides the make or model of the car, you must also keep in mind the type of weather conditions and the landscape where you’re planning to drive the car. The nature of the tyre depends on the same as well. 

For a perfect grip and stability on the road on-road, check out these three varieties of tyres and choose from the same.

What are the different types of tyres that you can choose for your car?

Standard tyres 

These are made for all makes and models of cars and are suitable for normal weather conditions. They are smoother on the dry and wet roadways. Under rigorous monsoon conditions using standard tyres is a great option as it offers good resistance against hydroplaning. These are also perfect for the summers. However, if the temperature drops below seven degrees celsius, using a standard tyre is not advisable. 

All-terrain tyres

SUVs and other utility vehicles are generally fitted for travelling in rough terrain areas. Using an all-terrain tyre type is the best option for these types of cars. They serve dual purposes. If you’re driving the car on a normal road, all-terrain tyres will not pose problems. Thus using the same is economically beneficial. 

Winter tyres 

When you’re driving in snow, winter tyres are a perfect choice. Using any random tyre can cause fatal accidents. Winter tyres use more amounts of silica compared to summer tyres. Moreover, they have the surface designed so that it can also adhere to the wet pavements. 

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